Nathan Ashman

At Moving On Education we will have four keynote speakers throughout the day and in addition that (and the lunch!) there will be a host of diverse workshops varying from leadership to Virtual reality! We catch up with edtech expert and Apple Distinguished Educator Nathan Ashman to find out more about his workshop session.

Q1. What will be the aim and focus of your workshop at Moving On Education?

Learning about how VR (Virtual reality) can be used in the classroom in accessible,  meaningful and curriculum specific ways to provide immersive learning activities for students. 

Q2. What is your current job and where are you based?

I’m the Lead teacher for New technologies at St Wilfrid’s C of E Academy in Blackburn. I teach English and Media alongside my cross-curricular role.

Q3.Who are you looking forward to seeing at Moving On Education 2017?

Michelle Thomas – Changing culture is such a hard thing to do at educational institutions that are full of so many different characters. I’d like to learn what her successes have been and what she has learnt along the way.

Q4. How do you think education has moved on in recent years?

I’ve certainly seen more creativity in the classroom, not just because of the aid of new technology, but because of the change of emphasis on how we structure lessons. The rigid 4/5 part lesson plan is thankfully gone out of the window and teachers can be creative in how they structure their learning journeys as well as the content within them.

Q5. How do you think education can move on even further?

The only way to do this is to take the pressure off teachers in terms of time pressures and accountability, allowing us do what we got into the profession for. We need time to learn, in order for our students to be able to do the same.

Q6. Finally, as Moving On Education is the premier teaching, learning and leadership conference in the Southwest, what is your favourite thing about the area?

It has to be the beach, I’ve had many a great holiday body boarding in the surf in the South West. I’m gutted that I won’t have time to do so on my visit this time.

Thank you Nathan. To book your ticket to Moving On Education visit here. 



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