Kate Jones

In readiness for the #MovingOnEd17 event in a few weeks we are asking all of our speakers to write a brief overview about the sessions they will be running for the event. We asked Kate Jones the same questions we are asking all of our speakers to help you decide which sessions you’d like to attend on the day. So here are Kate’s questions and her responses.

Q1. What will be the aim and focus of your workshop/keynote be at Moving On Education?

My workshop is centred around teaching and learning ideas that I use regularly in my classroom, with my pupils. The session isn’t subject specific as my ideas, resources and strategies can easily be adapted across the curriculum and for different ages. You can visit my Twitter page @87History and teaching blog Lovetoteach87.com to gain an insight into what I often share and discuss. I will be sharing some of my favourite apps for teaching and learning, resources to develop literacy skills with the aim to show creativity and innovation in the classroom. This session will be aimed at classroom teachers who are keen to share, learn and gain some practical take away ideas for their lessons. This session will also be useful for leaders who specialise in Teaching and Learning at their school.

Q2. What is your current job and where are you based?

I am currently Head of History at Brighton College Al Ain, which is in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. After six years teaching in North Wales, I relocated to the Middle East in August 2016.  I teach the British Curriculum from Year 5 – Year 12, which has been a new challenge for me! I have still kept my links with the UK and I’m looking forward to returning to the UK this summer for Moving On Education.

Q3. Who are you looking forward to seeing at Moving on Education 2017?

This is very difficult as the line up is amazing! I have seen Jill Berry and Mary Myatt speak before, both at TeachMeet London in 2015 and they are both very inspirational and empowering women. I am also excited to listen to Dr Megan Crawford and Michelle Thomas for the first time too as I know they have a wealth of knowledge, experience and advice to share. I have yet to hear Steve Wheeler present but a lot of people talk very highly of him and he has a well known profile in the educational community – I am sure his presentation will be very informative and engaging!

Q4. How do you think education has moved on in recent years?

I started teaching in 2010 and education has changed a lot since then. I have seen fads and phases come and go, as I am sure many teachers have. I am glad that the teaching profession has become more research driven. Ideas and theories such as VAK learning styles have been dismissed and rejected with strong common sense shining through. Also, professional development for teachers has been transformed with the use of social media and networking via Twitter, LinkedIn etc and grassroots educational events such as TeachMeets. Teachers can now be more in control of their own personalised professional development.

Q5. How do you think education can move on even further?

Obviously, there are still areas for improvement and ways to move on in regards to education! Many teachers are now working with the government as educators are the real experts in regards to education. Constant changing of policies and politicians has had a negative impact on the teaching profession. People ask if I left the UK for an easier life abroad – that is not true. Yes, I recognise the importance of work and home/life balance but in my school all staff work very hard with long hours, we are all driven and committed to our pupils. There are various personal and professional reasons why I made the decision to live and teach abroad but I do have the intention to return to the UK again in the future. I do have faith that the education system will progress and continue to move on.

Q6. Finally, as Moving On Education is the premier Teaching, Learning and Leadership conference in the South- West, what is your favourite thing about the area?

Honestly… I have never been to the area! I am really excited to visit Exeter and the surrounding area. Gary King does share beautiful photos after he has had a bike ride in the country side and he loves the South – West as I am sure I will too! 

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