Mark Anderson

In readiness for the #MovingOnEd17 event in a few weeks we are asking all of our speakers to write a bit about the sessions they will be running for the event. We asked Mark the same questions we are asking all of our speakers to help you decide which sessions you’d like to attend on the day. So here are Mark’s questions and his responses.

Q1. What will be the aim and focus of your workshop/keynote be at Moving On Education?

My workshop will focusing on enhancing teaching and learning through the effective and purposeful use of technology in the classroom. I will be sharing some of my favourites and sites as well as some of my edtech secret weapons! Prepare to leave with ideas for your classroom and ways in which you can make your lessons more engaging and some ideas for reducing your workload. 

Q2. What is your current job and where are you based?

After more than 20 years teaching and reaching Senior leadership I became an education consultant. My current job allows me to work with teachers and pupils across the UK and beyond, sharing my knowledge, skills and expertise in regards to teaching and learning, technology, leadership and more.

Q3. Who are you looking forward to seeing at Moving on Education 2017?

Everyone who will be speaking at Moving On Education has something unique and helpful to offer. I’m really excited to be involved with it. I have to say I am looking forward to seeing Steve Wheeler’s keynote; not only is he a great guy but also a fantastic speaker who is someone who has inspired me for years.

Q4. How do you think education has moved on in recent years?

The greatest advancement in education in recent years has been the rise of access to pervasive and ubiquitous  use of technology in the classroom. Finally we are starting to see the promise of the results of educational technology to have a positive impact upon learning. All we need to do now is provide decent CPD for teachers to be able to use it effectively based upon research-informed teaching and learning methods!

Q5. How do you think education can move on even further?

Reduce workload and respect teachers and their professionalism. Sure there are a few bad eggs but that’s the same in any profession. In my experience the overwhelming majority of teachers got into teaching to make a difference to the world. It is the best job in the world, if only Government and some leadership teams recognised this and treated the profession with more respect and autonomy!