Dr Megan Crawford

The countdown is now on for Moving On Education 2017! As we prepare for this event we wanted to ask our keynote presenters and workshop hosts a series of questions, for our attendees to find out more and decide which sessions they would like to attend. We are very fortunate that the inspiring Dr Megan Crawford will be one of our keynote speakers. You can follow Megan on Twitter @DrMeganCrawford.

 Q1. What will be the aim and focus of your keynote presentation at Moving On Education?

Q2. What is your current job and where are you based?
 I am Professor of Leadership and Professional learning at the University of Plymouth, and Director of the Institute of Education there. 
Q3. Who are you looking forward to seeing at Moving On Education 2017?

Q4. How do you think education has moved on in recent years?

I am not sure that it has. It seems to me that we move round in circles. One way it has certainly moved on is in the desire of teachers to learn more about teaching during their professional careers from a grass routes perspective.

Q5. How do you think education can move on even further?

We need to examine how we make continuous professional development work, and guarantee every teacher a sabbatical after so many years to refresh and engage with the literature.

Q6. Finally, as Moving On Education is the premier teaching, learning and leadership conference in the Southwest, what is your favourite thing about the area?

I have to say the people of course!